The kilim rugs for decorating the house

The kilim rugs are among the greatest carpets; appreciated and constitute one of the greatest solutions; fascinating among the types of oriental rugs. Being able to have at home a kilim rug produced with a manual technique; communicated from generation to generation, it allows to have a unique product, an example of tradition and quality. They are the nomadic populations that produce this type of carpet and in particular in the area that includes Iran and Afghanistan where in the past and in part still now women were the bearers of this productive mastery. The kilim carpets are extremely flat and resistant, quality & agrave; which then allows a pi & ugrave; quick and easy cleaning. Also thanks to its designs, its reduced thickness and the accessing colors, they are often also hung on the walls for purely decorative purposes.

Kilim rugs and knotting

For kilim rugs the knotting is categorically carried out by hand and & egrave; a traditional technique that has been communicated over the years and & egrave; expression of uses and customs of entire nomadic populations. The decorative motifs are the most important; various and often have subjects related to nature, making them particularly suitable for the decorative purpose. They are colored with natural pigments and the colors allow these rugs to be a perfect solution both in the living room and in the bedroom. Their ethnic style has made them ever more equal; appreciated and widespread throughout the West, embellishing and enriching the cases of numerous people.

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