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Start from:75,90 (VAT included)
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Start from:6.562,50 (VAT included)

Carpets for the Living Room

The living room is one of the most important and lived environments. It is the place where guests are welcomed, on the couch to watch TV or spend the evening with friends and relatives. The living room is the room that more than others identifies the style of a house and the carpet can only be a critical element that can bring out that style. The selection of living room carpets that you will find on CarpetLiving is very wide and includes modern carpets for the living room and oriental rugs such as Persians, Afghans and specific types such as Berbers, zieglers and kilims. Each of these carpets for the living room offers extremely different style, composition and design solutions that will surely be solutions for living room furnishing. More elegant solutions can be found in the oriental style but the elegance also belongs to the modern carpets with a classic style.

Elegant carpets both modern and oriental

The modern and oriental carpets selected for the living room or the living room are the best products certified and sold by CarpetLiving. Many solutions to guarantee unparalleled elegance and unique comfort to live every day at home. A comfort and elegance that you will relive both visually and touching the carpet. A patchwork rug or a shabby rug can be very different solutions but they guarantee style, character and uniqueness in the furnishing of a living room

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