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Berber Rugs

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Berber cream
Berber cream
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Bizantine berber
Bizantine berber
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Berber carpets for home furnishing

Are you furnishing your home and don’t know which carpet to choose? You have a modern style but you wouldn’t mind adding a touch more; classic full of charm? The Berber carpet & egrave; what you need! The Berber carpets are called cos & igrave; as they were produced through the knotting method by nomadic Berber populations. From a geographical point of view their origin can be recorded; be identified throughout the area of ​​Mediterranean Africa thus involving countries like Morocco or Algeria. Berber carpets, as we have said, are classic oriental rugs, they have a very robust framework and an exceptional softness due to workmanship and wool.

Charm and Tradition

Berber carpets have a timeless appeal and even if you are furnishing or want to furnish a house with a modern imprint, they become a unique and original solution to furnish with a product of great tradition and quality. The combination becomes possible thanks to the colors that are often associated with these rugs and in particular to always neutral tones which are almost subdued but which instill and express a unique elegance capable of engaging and intertwining in very different environments. The Berber carpets for this reason are able to immediately give style and naturalness to any environment

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