We have been discussing the design trends for 2019 and how to choose the right carpet, how to place a carpet in the right way according to the furniture you have at home and we saw 5 celebrities houses and the carpets they have chosen. So it’s time to go back in time and see what were the interior design trends since the beginning of the 1900s and how carpets took part in the interior decoration.

Talking about the past, it’s said that there is evidence for goats and sheep being sheared for wool and hair which was spun and woven as far back at the 7th millennium! The earliest surviving carpet is the famous “Pazyryk carpet” (Armenia or Persia), which dates from the 5th-4th century BC. It was excavated by the prominent Russian anthropologist Sergei Ivanovich Rudenko in 1949 in Siberia. This antique richly colored carpet is 200×183 cm. and is framed by a border of griffins.

Image Source: Wikipedia

The most important hubs of the carpet history throughout years are Afghanistan, Persia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, China, India, Pakistan, Turkey, England, France, Bulgaria, Serbia, Spain, and Scandinavia.

But instead of talking about the history we will take you on a visual journey with some interiors of the past. Starting from a 1879s interior of Emlen Physick’s House – now a Victorian house museum located at 1048 Washington Street in Cape May, New Jersey.

The Victorian era is known for its interpretation and eclectic revival of historic styles mixed with the introduction of the middle east and Asian influences in furniture, fittings, and interior decoration.

Image Source: Highsmith, Carol M., 1946, photographer

Next is this lovely and well-preserved Spanish Revival estate just north of Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills. In 1930 it was home to famed and famously private German actress Marlene Dietrich. She didn’t own the 1926 house; it was owned by her friend, socialite Countess Dorothy di Frasso, says the Wall Street Journal. It was di Frasso who hired Elsie de Wolfe—the woman “credited with single-handedly inventing the profession of interior decorating,” the New Yorker once wrote—to design these interiors.

Can you notice the amazing antique Chinese rug and how well it goes with the Art Déco interior?

Image Source: https://la.curbed.com

The 1950s and William Pahlmann, who is recognized for introducing the “eclectic” style into the world of interior design. He was famous for his bold way to introduce different patterns and styles together –  he would put European antiques and ancient South American pottery into a room with a long, low modern sofa.

Since the 50s let’s called pop-art influenced style is very colorful and rich, mostly the carpets were monochromatic or like in the photo below with elegant light geometric pattern.

Image Source: Pinterest

Our next stop would be the 1980s Venezia and the apartment of Munari, designed by Ettore Sottsass and Aldo Cibic. Take a look at the amazing kilim!

Image Source: Pinterest

We will finish with an inspirational photo from an amazing modern interior design of a Portland house, remodeled into 50s style by Jessica Helgerson.

Image Source: yellowtrace.com.au


So don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns, colors, and textures. For this purpose, you can take a look at some of our special suggestions:


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