Every year, Sikkens choose the color of the next year and creates its ColourFutures – with more than 15 years of experience, COLOUR FUTURES™ is the result of the hard work of an international team of color experts, coming from the world of design, architecture, and fashion. We already discussed the color trends for 2019, and today the spotlight is on Spiced Honey which was nominated as the color of 2019.

Image: wonenonline.nl

Spice Honey is a honey brown color that emits optimism. It has the warmth and soothing feeling of honey. Honey has been chosen because it stands for the many beautiful faces of life. The color and substance are beautiful, but it also stands for luxury and sweetness. It fits perfectly with the theme of 2019. The Color of the Year is versatile and contemporary and can be combined with many colors. The light and surrounding colors have an effect, which makes the Spiced Honey even more attractive.

De kleur van het Jaar 2019: Spiced Honey
Image: wonenonline.nl







In case that you can’t really change the color of the walls, you can just try to find the right accessories! Here are our suggestions for creating the perfect combination between carpets and ambient in the palette of Spice Honey:

Trova tutti i tappeti SOAVE qui
Tappeto orientale HAMADAN | Wooden palette image: Pinterest



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