The living room is one of the important rooms in the house because it is almost always lived during times of the day. Three solutions are available for the living room, with relative standard measures:

Medium carpet within the sofa area

Large carpet that includes the sofa


Very large carpet that contains all the furniture


Medium carpet within the sofa area

This furnishing solution enhances the relaxation area of small-sized living rooms: the carpet must roughly reflect the length of the sofa and leave a few centimeters of floor free between this and the edge of the carpet; if present, the table must rest the four legs on the fabric.

The recommended standard sizes for this arrangement are:

140 x 200 cm

120 x 170 cm

Large carpet that includes the sofa

Lounges with a discreet space find the arrangement in which the carpet occupies the entire area inside the sofa more performing, also going partly under the front legs of the sofa; the rear legs can be covered or uncovered, as desired. The standard measures suggested for this arrangement are:

160 x 230 cm

200 x 290 cm

Very large carpet that contains all the furniture

Ideal solution for very large spaces: the carpet occupies almost the entire room, leaving 45 to 90 cm of floor free between the edges of the carpet and walls.

This arrangement is excellent because it widens the view on an area that goes beyond that delimited by the positioned furniture. The most suitable standard sizes are:


240 x 340 cm

300 x 400 cm

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