The kitchen is an environment often overlooked, but which in reality welcomes most of the daily activities. Even a runner can create a link with the style of the house; in general, a carpet as wide as possible for complete furnishing is preferable, because the mat under the sink area is an understatement. The ideal length to give personality to the kitchen is that which accompanies the entire operating plan.

To remember: The runner for the kitchen is a decorative element that creates a link with the style of the entire home and that enhances a very popular environment in the home

To avoid: Delicate materials are likely to be damaged in a short time; prefer to wear and wash resistant yarns or opt for synthetic fabrics, resistant to water and oily stains


Tappeti Cucina

Standard measures:

60 x 90 cm

60 x 120 cm

60 x 200 cm

60 x 240 cm

60 x 280 cm

The choice of material is important, because this determines the actual practicality of the carpet. The most used are cotton, easy to wash and handle and resistant to wear, and synthetic fibers, from polypropylene to PVC, which do not absorb water and oily stains and are robust.

The back must be non-slip to avoid slipping and minor accidents.


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