The holidays are approaching, Christmas is coming and the need to find the right gift is born, the one that surprises you and makes you happy because it is unexpected or because you associate it with something pleasant and lasting. This year in CarpetLiving we have selected a series of rugs that can become an original and unexpected gift idea. For the little ones in order to renew their bedroom, for parents or a friend or why not, even for themselves. The warmth, the variety of styles and the colors allow for endless possibilities.We have selected carpets from small sizes, designs that are among the most appreciated and desired and kept costs low, guaranteeing delivery for Christmas.

A rug to furnish the bedroom

The kids are the masters of the holidays and what’s better than giving them a rug for the bedroom to enjoy all year round. A soft carpet that allows them to play in a warm and entertaining way perhaps with some images of their favorite cartoon or cartoon character. The carpets for the kids’room that we have chosen as gift ideas this year range from those of Winnie the Pooh for the very young, passing by Topolino and coming to Spiderman by Marvel. Many others are available and linked to Disney characters like Elsa and Anna from Frozen, loved by little girls or Cars for boys.


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Many others are available and linked to Disney characters like Elsa and Anna from Frozen, loved by little girls or Cars for boys.


A modern rug for the living room

Why not give yourself a gift instead? Or do it to a dear friend? The rugs of our selection range from modern or oriental rugs. Among the most appreciated among the modern ones we find the vintage rugs excellent for a living room with a minimal style or the shaggy with long hair and colors for living spaces to live and with a welcoming and lively element. If you like oriental rugs, you can choose between the Persians, the best known, or the zieglers or the Afghans or the Berbers. Each rug has features that you can easily associate with the person you will be giving the gift to. Each rug adapts to different styles and different furniture combinations. Some carpets such as kilims, for their designs, are even hung on the walls.



Then browse through the proposals and find the feature to associate with your environment or the personality of the person you would like to give the carpet to.


Carpets for the kitchen and all ready for delivery

The living room is just one of the rooms tied to a rug. For smaller amounts, you could give away a super original kitchen rug. Composed of synthetic materials and super resistant, we offer you numerous images and fantasies to make the kitchen more cheerful and fun. A gift that would be useful and special because with each of these patterns the kitchen is immediately furnished with a simple extra element.



Among other things, this type of gift could be used immediately during the holidays in the kitchen just during the preparation of dinners with friends and dinners from the end of the year.

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