2018 was a year of marble, bronze and gold ornaments, and some neutral colors, entering the design world and our homes. Next year some of them will stay trendy and the focus will be on big, soft, enveloping the body sitting arrangements (sofas, armchairs, and ottomans) which can be combined easily with marble accessories and surfaces, glass objects and classic colored-metals like brass, copper, silver or golden shine.  Innovative elements and traditional organic materials: wood, glass, and stone will not lose their value.

What would be the color trend then?

Bold, retro, vivid! Designer and color trend expert Jane Boddy predicts that red and purple will become very popular in 2019!

Here is our suggestion: FARSHIHAN HEREKE 2 RED You can’t go wrong because this is the ultimate classic red hue, that we all like combined with some lovely oriental patterns. It really could change every space!

Or the dark DESIO BLUE that would look lovely with purple and red – bold and luxurious.




Another upcoming obsession would be the Gen-Z yellow, also known as the new Millennial Pink. It takes its name from the color of emoticons, which are highly used especially by the youngest generations born after the 2000s (defined by marketers the Generation-Z). Here we come to some possible difficulties since that color is very particular and might be hard to incorporate in interiors. Instead of trying to paint the walls, just choose some pops in gen-z yellow, like a design sofa or some art element like our LORY BAFF



Another option could be something more simple like the FLATWEAVE LIGHT GREEN as a perfect combination with the bright yellow!



For sure, it is not such an easy color to be incorporated in interiors…but you could try with just some pops in gen-z yellow, for example with a design sofa in yellow or a big wall art, or also with some fabrics and cushions.


Have you noticed how popular were the dark greens in 2018? Well, now is time for the pastel shades that are going to have a big moment. Sage green (a very soft hue of greyish green) and at the moment is the most popular color now for homes according to this Pinterest research! So if you are wondering how to change your interior with minimal efforts, try adding some pastel greens or the new neo-mint (a little bit warmer than mint but as lighter, that is becoming a top trend in interiors and fashion)

We would suggest considering a carpet like EILEEN NAIN WHITE/BLUE that gives even more elegance to the pastel greens.



So what would be next? The very famous recently (and since ever) Earthy Colors: starting from terracotta and caramel to rust and burgundy. Very popular again both in fashion and interiors and the reason is the huge comeback to the Seventies, when earthy shades, organic shapes, and patterns were a blast – it’s all back now! And here is what you might consider doing – matching different nuances of warm colors in one decoration scheme. Believe us, the effect would be very captivating.

Here we suggest our beautiful and stylish RIO carpet!

Another lovely combination would be the colors of SOAVE STRIPE CREAM/YELLOW!


Or maybe the floral patterns of FARSHIAN PATCH PASTELL?

In the end, let’s not forget the Millennial Pink which can be found everywhere this year. In the next months, some higher and brighter hues will come into power: Primrose Pink and Tea Rose. Even if these colors sound difficult to fit into interior space, we know you can give freedom to your imagination and create the perfect space for your taste. Let us help you choose some nice carpets! Last of our suggestions, but maybe on the top favorite list are DAMAS 1 BEIGE and KEYSARI 1 ECRU


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