Summer, a memory!

Suddenly everything changes, transforms. Here is September 23rd, with its autumn equinox, to show us that the duration of day and night is the same: 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness and all of this all over the world.

These days the sun rises almost perfectly in the east and sets almost perfectly in the west! The leaves fall and strip the trees of their mantle, and the rays of the sun, which are less and less perpendicular to us, do not warm up enough. The landscape changes with the days that offer new visual emotions. The extroverted summer, full of vitality, gives way to the reflection time, the day of which inexorably anticipates less and less light and darkness. The first fog and rains arrive. The months follow one another and as the time before Christmas comes out the windows of our warm living room, we hope that the first heavy snowfall will usher in the season, perhaps on December 13th, the day of St. Lucia, whose popular legend tells the shortest day of the year to be.

The desire for home returns, the desire to be all together. Relatives and friends are taken back into our thoughts, into our daily lives. The kitchen fires are continued at full speed with the invitations from Saturday evening and Sunday lunchtime, the five o’clock tea with its burraco tournaments and evenings in front of the fireplace with our loved ones.

The materials that make your home warm

If our always too hot house poses a real threat to our health in summer, it becomes fundamental from autumn to spring. The “wool” appears again, the material par excellence that has protected us from the cold since ancient times by transmitting great heat. In our time, despite discoveries, inventions, space travel and the not so distant planet Mars, wool is still our ally, friend of our bodies and source of heat. The wool of merino sheep, angora goats, cashmere goats, alpacas, camels or angora rabbits, the different properties of which determine exceptional performance in the textile industry. The wool that isolates us, the wool that warms us in the long winter nights, the wool that welcomes us.

The lighted fireplaces, the wood and pellet stoves are continually being resumed to reinforce the classic methane heating. These integrated heat sources are again the most popular areas of our house, a kind of season ticket for the “cold season”.

However, the heat is not only obtained by heating the air, but also by insulating our floors. Are we sure we did it? Have we thought about laying a carpet in the particularly exposed areas in the discussion area, a simple and extremely effective solution? Antique, old or modern carpet, the carpet is the solution. The carpet, a piece of furniture that warms our home with its beauty, becomes a source of heat. The right carpet that specifically contributes to solving the problem of our “rather cold” living room and at the same time makes it more inviting and inviting. The carpet made of pure wool to pamper and play on with our children. The central element of our home, sweet warm home.

The East, an old producer of splendid artifacts, who over the centuries has carefully brought new energy by reinterpreting styles and colors with absolute attention to the quality of the raw material wool, but also silk, is the undisputed emperor. The carpet came from the east to warm the west.

The carpet, an irreplaceable element of our furniture, changes its appearance, changes its appearance and the current design styles. Here is the solid color carpet with abstract motifs reminiscent of the great painters of the 20th century, the antique carpet resumed in a vintage key, the carpet with a high and dense pile.

The carpet, an object of desire for its elegance, a fundamental object of our stove.

Tradition in continuous evolution from ancient cultures!

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