The carpet is a decorative accessory with a high emotional value: it has a rich history behind it, made up of millenary traditions and a passion for the art of weaving, and lots of personalities to communicate.
Every detail contributes to forging a well-defined character of the carpet, thus creating the perfect typology for every furnishing desire and capable of responding to needs of various kinds, starting from the aesthetic aspect up to certain technical and practical factors.
To be able to fully appreciate its intrinsic value, it is important to know the details and anecdotes related to each single type, from style to measurements, up to the main methods of carpet maintenance.


The carpet communicates first of all with its aesthetic appearance: colors, design, details and finishes express the personality of those who decide to place a rug in their living space. These features form a precise style. The main ones are:

Minimal graphic design, precise geometries and innovative and colorful combinations reflect the modern taste, created to amaze and personalize with creativity.
Plain & Textured
Clean design dominated by the purity of color, where the essentiality and harmony of tones and aesthetics make the rug versatile and elegant.
The lived touch that governs this style concerns both classic and modern designs, giving a retro touch in line with current trends.
Style that proposes the typical designs of the oriental tradition, with elaborate decorations, bright colors and division between frame and field.
Rural & Tribal
Carpets made mostly of wool and cotton that offer colors and geometries with an ethnic flavor, maintaining a natural and simple look.
A decisive style that presents a rustic appearance and a great personality that captures the attention, is indicated to convey a warm and welcoming atmosphere with an original touch.
Kitchen & More
Mats and runners specialized for use in the kitchen, bathroom and entrance areas, excellent supports for everyday domestic life thanks to the practicality and resistance combined with a fresh and current look.
Indoor / Outdoor
Flat weave carpets that do not have any fleece, usable both for indoor and outdoor use. Designed to be very durable and practical, without giving up attractive designs.


Even the color is an expression: every color gives rise to different emotions in the viewer.

For example, warm colors express positive sensations while cold ones stimulate reflection and interiority; a soft shade reassures, while a brighter one gives energy.

The ability of colors to influence the atmosphere of a living space must be carefully considered within a furnishing project in which the emotional state of every detail is enhanced and must guide the decorative decisions; through the use of color it is possible to create a harmonious and balanced environment or to capture attention and amaze through strong visual contrasts.

Current trends suggest the following colors:

Black & White
Pastels (Rose, Blue)
Blue & Turquoise
Ocra yellow

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