Afghani Carpets – Oriental

On CarpetLiving you will have the chance to find a selection of Afghan carpets, among the types of carpets pi & ugrave; appreciated among oriental rugs. The Afghan carpet obviously & egrave; identified by the territory of origin and the style of work that this territory is managed to slip them through a centuries-old tradition. Afghanistan is located in South Asia, surrounded by Turkistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Iran and Pakistan. Among the carpets pi & ugrave; popular of this origin are the Khal Mohammadi and the Afghan Afghanistan and have always been characterized by a dark red color and octagonal motifs

Knotting and Composition

The Afghan carpets in their different types can have a number of knots per square meter ranging from 80 thousand to 250 thousand. Fleece and fleece are made of wool (although there are cases where horse hairs are even used) and the knot is symmetrical. The Afghan carpet therefore brings with it a unique charm and tradition, an elegance characterized by the light shades; of dark red that make it perfect for all the most beautiful environments; elegant and important