We receive many questions asking how to choose the right carpet. We know it could be quite difficult if you are not familiar with the immense world of rugs, especially if you have to choose one online. That could be quite confusing, ain’t that so? That’s why today we decided to give you some useful tips on colors, textures and some more on how to position the rug, which we already discussed in a previous article.

Home means comfort and relax! What is more comfortable and beautiful than a stylish carpet under your feet? Isolating the floor from the cold in winter and the heat in summer! Sure, a carpet requires a bit of extra maintenance compared to vinyl or tile, but there’s simply no substitute in terms of sound absorption, warmth, and overall comfort.

 There are so many different colors, materials, and designs available, that it can be difficult to choose the best carpet for you. For example, some materials may require frequent cleaning that simply won’t fit into your busy schedule, others come with a high price tag and some may even have an effect on your health if you or your kids are allergic. To add, the wrong carpet may get worn out quickly, fade or show stains that stubbornly resist your best cleaning efforts. We care for you and want to protect you from investing in the wrong carpet, but instead choose the best one for your most private place – your home!

What do you want vs what do you actually need?

Shopping online can be like a walk in the supermarket when buying groceries. Sometimes we make a list but we never follow it. When we stop to take an apple we don’t just take the first one we see but choose the best one.

It’s important to prepare yourself a bit so that you don’t lose much time and you don’t get too confused. This means:


  •  Measure the area that you want to put the carpet and see what are the dimensions you need exactly. Then take the meter and see how much would be the standard carpet (in cm.: 80×150, 133×190,140×200, 160×230, 200×280, 200×300 etc). This will help you a lot to imagine the carpet in the right place and with the right dimensions.
  • Inform yourself about the type of rug you will need. For example, if you need a carpet for the dining room and you want to position it under the table, usually you will need a carpet with a short pile so that the chairs can be moved smoothly on the surface. Another tip is for the living room, where you can position your rug about 10 cm. under the sofa and like this, you create an optical illusion that your room is bigger. But pay attention, because if your sofa is heavy and attached to the ground it will most likely leave marks on the carpet.
  • Decide what look you will want to achieve in your home area and then decide the style of the carpet. If you go randomly on the site you will get lost in all the carpets styles and patterns. So here is what we can give you like a piece of advice:
    – If you want to create a classical atmosphere type in the Serch Field some of these names: Kilim/Kelim, Ziegler, Persian, Afghan, Nomad

    – For some modern vibes, you can always count on geometrical patterns, monochromatic or contemporary design

Rugs – A matter of texture

You need to choose carefully your carpet fiber (material) for many reasons! The performance and durability are determined by the materials more than anything else. A good example would be any accessory for work or home decoration that is made of metal and so built to last for a long period of time but is maybe heavy and not so comfortable to move around. On the other hand, let’s say a toy made of plastic might be light and easy to use but can cause health problems.

The idea of the carpet is the same:

  • If your priority is durability on low cost, then you should look at the section Synthetic Fibers (nylon, polyester, polypropylene, acrylic etc.)
  • Searching for something natural and super resistant – then your answer is in Wool Carpets which combine softness with springiness. While many soft carpets crush easily, wool carpet maintains its comfort for years. Wool carpet comes off the sheep’s back and can be manufactured without any dyes or synthetic chemicals – here is why they are hypoallergenic (for those not allergic to wool) and just the right choice for parents who are concerned about exposing their kids to chemicals.

  • The most resistant of all are Handmade Carpets made of wool, cotton, leather, silk and so on, which can last for decades

Carpets – What about the pets?

We love and respect animals. So if we are going to live with them, we need to make compromises and find the best solution to adapt our house for them to feel comfortable as well. This means purchasing carpet that will do the best job at protecting against the unique demands of cats and dogs.

Big animals (medium to large sized dogs) weigh enough to be considered another child running around the carpet. This requires extra resiliency from the carpet. A cheap carpet will break down quickly, looking old and matted down. Another thing “big animal” stands for is an animal that is better about not having accidents on the carpet. Consider choosing a Smartstrand or nylon carpet with good stain protection for “big animal” carpet, and make sure the density and other carpet performance factors are up to par.

Small animals don’t beat the carpet down physically. In other words, a carpet doesn’t have to be very durable to hold up to a Chihuahua prancing around. This means you shouldn’t have to worry about your carpet being crushed after a year of your small animal walking on cheap carpet. In this case, the inexpensive route may be the way to go because you can replace your stained carpet guilt-free in a much shorter time period. Consider going with a polyester or olefin carpet here with low-medium face weight or density.

– carpetcaptain.com

Let’s talk about cleaning

Is your house full of kids and animals? Or maybe you gather often with your friends? Whatever the reason might be, let’s say that your house is a place where stains come and go often. Or do they go actually? There is always a way to clean a stain if you react on time. For example, if your kid spills a liquid or someone drops a piece of chocolate.. just put some soap in hot water and make foam – with a towel take some of the foam (not the water) and pass over the stain. In the end, make sure to dry the spot (if necessary use a hairdryer).

However, if we have to order which carpets will be the best to choose, this will be the list:

  • Wool carpets – naturally resistant to spills from fruit juices to ketchup and also repels oils.
  • Nylon – one of the most popular choices among the Synthetic Fibers.
  • Polyester – oil-based material. It repels spills but attracts oils. So where would you put a polyester carpet? Have you ever thought that oil usually either comes from the bottom of your shoes (especially if you have an asphalt driveway) or from your skin? So logically, any room where people have their shoes off and won’t be laying around on the carpet can be a great fit for polyester – the dining room would be a good option.

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