Today we will try to answer some of the most common questions about how to place your carpet at home and the right dimensions you will need.Sometimes choosing the right carpet to fir your space can be quite challenging. And we are not even talking about the colors and the patterns – just for the dimensions that you will need to take into consideration.

Here are the questions you need to answer before buying a carpet:

• What is the ambient?
• How big is it?
• Where and how would the furniture be arranged?


Living Room


There are few ways to position your carpet in the living room.

If the living room is not big, the carpet should be smaller than the whole set and the legs of the furniture should barely touch it.

Standard dimensions: 120×180 or 140×200 cm ! If your living room is medium sized and you would like a bigger carpet, then you should consider positioning it partially under the furniture.
Standard dimensions:160×230 or 200×290 cm |

If you have a really big space, you can easily put a carpet with dimensions 300×400 cm. and set all your furniture on top of it.

Dining room

When choosing a carpet for the living room you need to take into consideration the total size of your table together with the chairs. Usually, the best options are either carpets with kilim, short-piled or sisal because they allow the chairs to move easily on the surface.

A standard table for 4 would normally require a carpet with dimensions  140×190 cm. In case you add two chairs more chairs on the sides, then better choose a bigger carpet with dimension at least 160x230cm. The legs of the chairs should not touch the borders of the carpet.


An easier way to explain would be to say that all the chairs should be always positioned inside the carpet. In addition, leave some space behind them. For tables with 8 people, the dimensions should be at least 250×350 cm.


The carpet in the bedroom is the first thing you set your feet on after you stand up in the morning. So choose wisely! It needs to be proportional to the room and the length of the bed. If the bedroom is not very big then you might need to leave the focus on the bed itself and put two small carpets on the sides and a longer one on the front. The dimensions would be 60×120, 80×150 and 60×200 cm.

On the other side, if you have a big bedroom, you can make some fairytale ambient with a big carpet on which you can situate the bed and the side tables together. Try to do a symmetrical arrangement so that the beauty of the whole space doesn’t get lost.

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